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Get acquainted with baby dragons, killer insects, faery kings, infernal entities and more, as 19 authors let the Manitoban landscape inspire weird and wondrous tales.

You thought the Prairies were flat, plain, and boring.

You were wrong.


“So much fun! I’m loving this book … the stories take place in Manitoba, but they transcend” ― Joanne Kelly, CBC Manitoba

“… a kaleidoscope of style and subject matter. Echoes of iconic storylines pulled from the annals of cult sci-fi, fantasy and suspense ring through Manitoba’s landscape.” ― The Uniter

Praise for Gilles DeCruyenaere's short storyMy Mother's Familiar:

"Opens up a whole new set of family life problems I’d never thought about till now. Most interesting. Inventive." - R. Graeme Cameron, Amazing Stories

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